Sarita's Survial Center

Sarita's Survival Center

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5 DAY SOLAR BACKPACK 5 Day survival product and food kit for 1 person.


Product within this backpack:

1 Back pack

5 Water Pouches

42 Piece Bandage Kit

1 Squeeze Flashlight

5-in-1 Survival Whistle

Water Proof Matches

Mylar Blanket

Emergency Poncho

Playing Cards

N95 Dust Mask

Portable Stove

Stainless Steel Cup

Pocket Tissues

Wet Naps

Waste Bag

32 Servings of Wise Food-

Southwest Beans and Rice (4 Serve)

Creamy Pasta and Vege Rotini (4 Serve)

Brown Sugar Multi Grain (4 Serve)

Apple Cinnamon Cereal (4 Serve)

Hearty Tortilla (4 Serve)

Whey Milk (12 Serve)

Solar Power Boost Backpack

1 Hour Sunlight = 20% Smartphone

Charge (USB Connect) Outputs 6

watts Fleece Liner inside

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