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Braided Line Cutter / Split Ring Pliers


The Quarrow® Straight Nose/Braided Line Pliers easily and safely cuts braided fishing lines. Stainless steel blades resist water corrosion. Compact enough to fit into your pocket, these pliers have 4 tools essential to any fisherman…or woman. The Straight Nose/Braided Line Pliers is a compact, innovative tool featuring straight nose split ring pliers, wire crimper, braided line cutters and wire cutters. Perfectly convenient, the Straight Nose/Braided Line Pliers can easily go with you wherever you go. Locking split nose for gripping and split rings, crimping, punching and mono filament / braided line cutting. Long, narrow serrated jaws hold and cut new generation braided fishing lines, even in tight places. Spring-loaded action with lock is added for versatility. Quarrow® Straight Nose/Braided Line Pliers...designed for every angler.DESIGN

• High-grade stainless steel

• Ergonomic & durable plastic grip

• Ultra-sharp serrated cutters

• Spring-loaded with safety locking latchSPECS

• 0.35 lbs.

for shipping outside United State please Contact us for shipping Price. We can Also ship in priority mail flat rate boxes if you wish to do so just let us know you'll be able to add more to the box and it'll less shipping

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