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Fly Fishing Tool Kit


The Quarrow® Fly Fishing Tool Kit includes everything you need for your fishing adventure! This high-quality tool kit includes a pair of 6.25” curved forceps, a pin-on retractor, leader straightener and one of the most useful tools ever – nippers with hook-eye needle. A convenient key chain attachment keeps this tool kit handy at all times.DESIGN

• Stainless steel forceps

• Pin-on retractor with swiveling accessory clip

• Stainless steel nipper and eye-buster needle

• Leader straightener eliminates coil memory

• Convenient key chain attachmentSPECS

• 0.25 lbs.

for shipping out side United States please Contact us for shipping Price. we can ship in priority flat rate boxes if you wish to do so just let us know you'll be able to add more items to the box and you'll save in shipping

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