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Sarita's Survival Center

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Travel Medical Kit - Women's Edition


Whether you’re traveling for pleasure, relief work, or business, be safe and travel healthy with the Women’s Travel Medical Kit. Designed based on feedback from hundreds of women travelers, this kit contains first aid supplies and hygiene items to meet the unique needs of 1-2 women travelling for multiple days. The kit features our Easy Care™ Organization System, so you’ll find everything you need quickly in clearly-labeled, injury-specific pockets. Inside, you’ll find valuable travel information, including a medical visual communication tool to help you explain injuries and illnesses to those who don’t speak your language and the book Wilderness & Travel Medicine: A Comprehensive Guide by Dr. Eric A. Weiss. Bandages, blister dressings, medications, and antiseptic wipes prepare you to treat injuries and illnesses, while items like sunscreen, tampons, and bath wipes help you stay refreshed and at your best. Head out on your next trip confident knowing you’re prepared!

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