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Sarita's Survival Center

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Suture Syringe Kit


The Suture/Syringe kit is a true field surgical kit for trained medical personnel for use in locations where sterile supplies may not be available. This kit contains the supplies needed to establish a sterile environment (including a sterile towel drape and sterile surgical gloves), multiple antiseptics, and hospital quality tools including a stainless steel needle holder and mouse-tooth forceps. Other components include an assortment of sterile needles, syringes, sutures, and catheters.

In-The-Field ER

Sterile towel drape, sterile surgical gloves, and a variety of sterile needles for ER-grade hygiene anywhere in the world.

Provide Advanced Care

Field surgical kit for injections, IV's and suturing wounds.

Stay Organized in the Field

Tool roll contains pockets for stainless steel surgical tool

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